Common Home Automation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Over the years, home automation systems in Qatar have become very popular for more reasons than one. Not only has home automation made life simpler and easy but it also offers complete security solutions for your property. However, while investing in home automation, users often end up making grave mistakes in selecting the right home automation devices. Let’s look at some common home automation mistakes and how to avoid them

Not fixing a budget

One of the most common home automation mistakes is not fixing a budget for your investment. Unlike the traditional belief that home automation systems are expensive and are only for the privileged few, modern thinkers are now aware that home automation is affordable even for the common man. However, not planning a budget before investing in home automation can lead to frivolous expenses on unwanted products. 

 It is advisable to fix a definite budget for the amount you wish to invest. Fulfilling all your home automation needs within your budget is crucial to ensuring the right investments. 


If your home is incompatible with the technology 

Home automation uses advanced technology to function. Another common mistake users make is not doing enough research on home automation products before investing. Home automation systems work on Wireless Fidelity (Wifi) technology. While some products work on 2G or 3G networks others may work on 5G networks. Investing in home automation systems that work on one type of network while your home is networked with the other can prove to be a poor investment. Additionally, ensuring compatible products is essential before planning a smart home. 


Investing in the wrong devices for your home

What works well for your neighbor may not work great for you. Home automation systems must be carefully selected according to the needs and requirements of your own home. It is best to seek professional advice while converting your home into a smart home. There are home automation systems that can fulfil the unique specifications of your home. Invest in the right devices to avoid unnecessary expenditures. 

 Also, it is advisable to select home automation devices based on their features and their quality. Buying products simply because they are cheap might end up being a bad investment. At Global Security Systems, we offer professional advice to customers based on several factors including the architecture and layout of our customer's premises and the specific requirements of our clients.  


Not hiring professionals

Setting up a smart home requires professional knowledge. From the strategic placement of devices to the wiring and installation of software, the task requires expert skill. Users often try to install smart home devices on their own resulting in the improper functioning of the devices. It is advisable to hire professional experts like Global Security Systems, one of the best home automation companies in Qatar, to oversee the installation and performance of all your home automation devices. 


Heating of devices

Another common home automation problem is the overheating of devices. Home automation devices are electrically connected throughout the house. Long hours of usage can result in the overheating of the devices and consequently the malfunctioning of the system. 

 To avoid this problem, care must be taken to ensure proper ventilation and aeration of the devices. Maintaining the proper flow of air by placing the home automation devices in ventilated racks or installing cooling machines can help minimize the problem of overheating. 


Under utilizing home automation devices

Many users are unaware of the various features home automation devices can perform. Before investing in home automation devices, you must understand the features of the product. This allows you to utilize the device to its maximum potential. If you underutilize the device, you will not be able to realize the full value of your purchase. For example, in-home automation lighting, not knowing that you could not only turn the lights on and off remotely but could also dim the lights is a complete waste of the true worth of the device. 


Security issues

One of the major problems of smart home devices is the threat of hacks and security breaches. As these smart home devices are connected to Wi-Fi there are high chances of your home getting intruded upon by hackers. You can avoid this problem by setting up powerful passwords and double authentication procedures. You might also want to upgrade the software of your home automation systems regularly. 



Installation of home automation systems has become popular over recent years. However, adopting popular and current trends does not necessarily mean that it is free of any glitches or hitches. Addressing these common mistakes while selecting and installing home automation systems can minimize the impediments that may come your way. Considering this, it is best to consult with professionals such as our home automation experts at Global Security Systems.


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