Top 5 Pros and Cons of Structured Cabling

CableThe rapid growth of telecommunications technology in Qatar has its benefits. But it does bring with it a few minor hurdles as well. For example, cabling and cable management for server rooms and data centres is an issue many companies in Qatar are tackling. Most businesses are literally tied up with this problem and looking for comprehensive solutions. This is where structured cabling can be used. 

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure that is mostly used in office buildings and campuses. Hence, it is often known as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure. Structured cabling contains many smaller elements or components. These include twisted pairs, optical cabling, patch panels, and patch cables. Your business’s office can benefit from using these. However, there are certain mild drawbacks as well. 

Here’s a detailed list of the most important pros and cons of using structured cabling in Qatar.


  • Manageable and Affordable: Using structured cabling for your telecommunications infrastructure is a wise solution because it is extremely easy to manage. It ensures network infrastructure cabling remains intact. Moreover, it is also a one-time investment that helps you avoid hiring an electrician frequently.
  • Adaptable to any Configuration: With structured cabling, any certified network technician can adjust your cabling without hassles. Moreover, some companies like Global Security Systems also provide documentation for your structured cabling. This can serve as a guide to any technician when you need to adapt your cabling to a new configuration. 
  • Reduced Downtime: You will experience fewer periods of downtime with structured cabling. This organised infrastructure of cables ensures that any issues in the network connectivity are resolved swiftly. This leads to lower downtime and increased productivity.
  • IoT Compatibility: Modern manufacturing houses have already started using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Qatar. If you wish to invest in a cabling system that is compatible with your IoT network, then structured cabling is for you. 


  • Universal and Standardised: Most structured cabling has a universal design. This means that if you have customised IT infrastructure needs, standard structured cabling might not just cut it. In such cases, you can seek help from companies like Global Security Systems in Qatar, who can provide you with custom structured cabling that suits your unique needs.
  • Unsuitable for Lean Networks: In case your company is a medium-sized IT enterprise, you may not need structured cabling. Most structured cabling infrastructures are optimal for heavy networks. For more modest networks, experts like Global Security Systems in Qatar can provide you with top-of-rack (ToR) cabling as well. 
  • Risk of Power Surges: Most structured cabling systems are installed for Local Area Networks (LANs) in parallel connectivity. Structured cabling installers will usually maintain the minimum permissible distance between cabling joints to safeguard against power surges. With a highly experienced structured cabling installer like Global Security Systems, you can eliminate the risk of using structured cabling. 
  • Initial Investment is Too Big: Most structured cabling providers quote enormous rates for corporate offices. This pushes many enterprises away from structured cabling. However, companies like Global Security Systems offer structured cabling installation at affordable rates.
  • Unidentifiable Faults: Since structured cabling is a comprehensive infrastructure, it is difficult to identify faults in the cabling. Intermittent and unidentifiable faults are a common drawback of structured cabling. 

Key Takeaway

While many companies in Qatar provide structured cabling services, not all are aware of the pros and cons of structured cabling. Global Security Systems, with years of experience in structured cabling, can install the most comprehensive and hassle-free cabling infrastructure for your offices.


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