Everything You Need to Know About Bullet Cameras

Below are details of the use and design of bullet cameras and why they are most suitable for you. 

The Design

Bullet cameras, as the name suggests, are cylindrical in shape almost resembling a gun cartridge or a lipstick tube case. The design of bullet cameras makes them very conspicuous, thereby deterring trespassers into the property. 

The shape and design of bullet cameras also allow bigger lenses to be fitted, thereby enabling larger area of view and greater clarity in vision.

Long Range

Another important reason why bullet cameras are popular is that bullet cameras have a long visible range making them perfect to capture bigger areas like large backyards, intersections at roads and open spaces.

Easy to Install

Bullet cameras are fairly easy to install. Although CCTV cameras are generally easy to install, bullet cameras are much easier to install. Moreover, the direction of the view of bullet cameras can be changed easily without dismounting and reinstalling the camera. 

These cameras can be easily installed on walls, arches or other architectural structures. 

Infrared LED Lighting

Bullet cameras come with infrared LED lights which enables the camera to perform even with poor outdoor lighting. This makes bullet cameras popular night vision cameras. 

All Weather Proof

Owing to their shape and design, bullet cameras are specially meant for outdoor areas, which means they can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, sun and snow. 

Advanced Features

A significant advantage of installing bullet cameras is that these cameras come with various advanced features like wired or unwired, zoom options, and thermal sensing among other features. 


The popularity of bullet cameras has increased the demand and in turn, their availability. Global Security Systems has a wide range of Bullet closed-circuit cameras for the safety and security of your premises. 

Where to Install Bullet Type CCTV Cameras?

Bullet cameras are best suited for long range areas like narrow passages, driveways, backyards and building entrances and exits. Bullet cameras can be positioned to point at a particular area making that area clearly and completely captured on camera. 


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