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Are you looking to install Security Camera Systems in your building?

Global Security systems among leading security system(CCTV) companies in Qatar for CCTV installation services and the right choice for all your CCTV installation projects in Qatar.

At GSS, we offer the installation of a wide range of cameras that will suit your purpose. we also carry out turnkey projects for CCTV camera installation. In addition to installation, we also offer repairs and maintenance in the form of Annual Maintenance Contracts - AMC.

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There are different types of CCTV cameras based on their functions and utility. Some of them are:

Wireless Cameras


Bullet Cameras


Dome-shaped cameras


Infrared Camera


PTZ Camera


High-definition cameras


Is It Necessary to Install CCTV Cameras?

Law No. 9 of 2011 mandates that surveillance cameras be installed in residential compounds, hospitals, malls, banks, hotels, warehouses and other locations, and is enforced by the MOI’s Security Systems Department (SSD).

CCTV or Closed-Circuit TV are needed to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones and belongings. It deters and prevents trespassers on your property. The CCTV cameras record images and videos of the surroundings which can be monitored simultaneously and also played back in time. It is primarily used for security purposes but can also be used as evidence to settle disputes. They are placed at strategic locations like public spaces, office buildings, malls, homes and parks.

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Why Choose Global Security Systems for CCTV Camera Installations?

As one of the top companies for CCTV installations in Qatar, Global Security systems have been the recommended choice for businesses and residences across the country. We have contributed to the installation of cameras in different sectors such as hotels, residential complexes, commercial buildings, Government projects, Malls in addition to the Private sector.

At Global Security Systems Qatar, our client's satisfaction is paramount. We provide CCTV installation solutions & CCTV services with quality, cost-effective to our customers. As one of the largest CCTV installations and services companies in Qatar, we offer comprehensive and exclusive services to our customers. We ensure hassle-free CCTV installation for any business or industry in Qatar.

If looking to hire the best CCTV installation company Qatar, Global Security Systems is a good choice. Contact us for any CCTV installation and service-related information. We consider your security, our priority.


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How We Work?

Global Security Systems has a professional team of experts when it comes to CCTV installation projects. Our experience over the years has enabled us to devise the most cost-effective methods, to provide quality installation services to customers. We also work in line with the regulations laid down by the Ministry of Interiors, Qatar

We survey the area to locate the most strategic points for camera installations. We keep in mind the length of cable, maximum visual area and other factors before installing the cameras. Our technical experts mount cameras using minimally invasive methods so as to not disrupt the aesthetic beauty of the premises.

To ensure complete security of your premises, we place the Digital Video Recorder or the DVR in a secure location which is the control room. While installing the cameras, we also ensure that the wiring and cables of all installations are concealed and unnoticeable. Our technical team before delivering the project will ensure that the installations are in working condition and demonstrate as to how the whole system operates.

At Global Security systems, our client’s satisfaction is paramount. A trusted name in the installation and service of CCTV cameras, Global Security Systems (GSS) is the best choice for the safety and security of your belongings.


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